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LPP   Cuisinart LPP Little Pro Plus Compact Food Processor / Juicer

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Parts and Accessories (Cuisinart LPP) Price Quantity
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Cuisinart DLC-509TX-1 Food Processor Adapter Stem Cuisinart DLC-509TX-1 Food Processor Adapter Stem
SALE $8.49
DLC-505GTX-1 Cuisinart DLC-505GTX-1 Bowl w/ Handle, 3 cup
SALE $17.99
RPW1CF19024TX Cuisinart RPW1CF19024TX Motor Shaft Cover
SALE $7.99
DLC-501TX Cuisinart DLC-501TX Metal Blade for Lil Pro Plus
SALE $15.99
DLC-504GTX-1 Cuisinart DLC-504GTX-1 Cover with Feed Tube
SALE $11.99
DLC-522TX-1 Cuisinart DLC-522TX-1 2mm Thin Slicing Disc
SALE $9.99
DLC-503TX-1 Cuisinart DLC-503TX-1 Citrus Juicer Attachment
SALE $13.99
DLC-514TX Cuisinart DLC-514TX Shredding Disc
SALE $9.99
Cuisinart DLC-502TX-1 Spatula Cuisinart DLC-502TX-1 Spatula
SALE $4.99
DLC-506TX-1 Cuisinart DLC-506TX-1 Pusher
SALE $4.99
DLC-510TX-1 Cuisinart DLC-510TX-1 Ejector Disc
SALE $3.99
DLC-507GTX-1 Cuisinart DLC-507GTX-1 Chute Attachment
SALE $14.99
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***** by janina, ARCATA CA on Nov 12, 2013 1 of 1 readers found this review helpful
Review: cuisinart little pro plus
i have had this food processor for over 20 years...probably since 1985! someone lost the stem and I have been missing it for nearly two years. I am so very excited that I can get these parts, even though the processor is no longer available. Thank you from my shredded cheese loving family! Great unit, used every week, works swell. When it dies, will replace with another simple Cuisinart product. Thank you
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