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Rowenta DX8906 Professional Iron   Rowenta DX8906 Professional Iron

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Parts and Accessories (Rowenta DX8906) Price Quantity
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UL4331 Rowenta RS-UL4331 Power Supply Cord with Printed Circuit Board
SALE $21.99
004709 Rowenta 004709 Beaker
SALE $3.99
RS-DX0050 Rowenta RS-DX0050 Backheel Cover
SALE $5.99
DX0088 Rowenta RS-DX0088 Tank
SALE $29.99
DX0043 Rowenta RS-DX0043 Handle Front and Pump
SALE $9.99
dx0054 Rowenta RS-DX0054 Thermostat Knob and Black Adapter
SALE $7.49
Rowenta RS-DG0120 Spring Rowenta RS-DG0120 Spring
SALE $1.49
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***** by Marilyn,  on Oct 3, 2011 10 of 19 readers found this review helpful
Review: DX8800
This was the third Rowenta iron I have owned. I iron a lot and the problem I have had with this DX8800 is that the steam buttom doesn't work anymore...I need to know if there is a replacement one to order...Great iron, I have always loved the nice burst of steam, almost makes my clothes look as though they are professionally cleaned..My husband always gets lots of compliments on his shirts that I iron ...I also have another Rowents iron DX8800 I bought some yrs. back that leaks water from the back of the iron..Is there problems with this DX8800 irons???Thanks, Marilyn Ohlmann
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