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Krups 882 Coffee & Espresso   Krups 882 Coffee & Espresso


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Parts and Accessories (Krups 882 Coffee & Espresso) Price Quantity
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Krups F0304210 Frothing Attachment Krups F0304210 Frothing Attachment
No longer available
0695075 Krups 0695075 2 Cup Filter
No longer available
0900593 Krups MS-0900593 Espresso Scoop, Tamper, Froth Tip Wrench
No longer available
42821 Krups 42821 BetterBrew Coffeemaker Cleaner,(This item is no longer available. Please see item, Krups F054 Anticalc Lime Descaler Kit)
No longer available
36313 Krups 36313 Steam Nozzle Screw
No longer available
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