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  Braun BR64188635 Hand Blender Attachment Blade

This blade will only fit bowl 4188-634.

For models numbered:
4185 4187 4189 4642 M880 MR500 MR550

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***** by margaret siler,  on Sep 15, 2013 3 of 3 readers found this review helpful
Review: Mrs
I have owned and still own lots of mixers and choppers,from large [kitchenaid]to smaller one sunbeams[first one wedding gift in 1957]Each year I make batches and batches of candies.I burned the motor in a KitchenAid after 29 years],,for choping nuts for candies and pecan pies,,,,I have never owned a small mixer that will stand up to the Braun Hand Blender,,,all the things to replace the hand held mixer for shakes,chopping nuts for candies,mixing any kind of cakes,breads,,,,you name it and you can mix it,,,,
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