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Please select the Mens Shavers model number from the list below. If you need assistance, please call 1-888-277-5776.

1050XCC 1050X 1060X 1090X
1150X 1160XCC 1160X 1180X
1190XD 1250X 1255X 1260X
1280X 1290X 1323 15LC
2005C 200SC 201DB 242LC
282XL 300SX 3405LC 3601X
3604X 3605X 3801XL 3801X
3805XL 3865XL 400DX 410DB
4401C/A 4401C 4401LC/A 4401LC
4402LC 4403LC 4404LC 4406LC
4413LC 4414LC 4417LC 4601X
4602X 4603X 4604X 4605X
4606X 4607X 4608X 4609X
4625X 4805XL 4807XL 4816XLD
4816XL 4817XLD 4817XL 4821XL/A
4821XL 4825XL/A 4825XLD 4825XL
482XL 4845XL 484XL 4852XL
4853XL 4853 4861XL 4865XL
486XL 4885XL 500RL 501RL
505RL 5426LC 5426XL 5465X
550TL 5565X/B 5565X 5601XL
5601X 5602XD 5602XL 5602X
5603X 5604X 5605X 5615X/B
5615XLD 5615X 5616X 5616
561X 5625XL 5625X 5655A/X
5655A 5655X/B 5655X 5699X
5801XL/A 5801XL 5802XL 5803XL
5810XL 5811XL 5812XL 5814XL
5817XL 5818XL 5821XL 5822XL
5825XL 5841XL 5842XL 5845XL
5848XL 5849XLD 5849XL 5855XLD
5855XL 5861XL 5862XL 5863XL
5864XL 5865XL 5867XL 5867
5885XL 5886XLD 5886XL 5887XLD
5887XL 600RX 605RX 6423LC
6424LC 650TX 650XL 655XL
6613XL 6613X 6614X 6615X
6616X 6617X 6618X 665RX
6701X 6705X 6706X 6709X
6711X 6716X 6735X 6737X
6756X 6765X 6819XL 6826XL/A
6826XL 6828XL 6829XL 6835X
6843XL 6844XL 6846XL 6848XL
6853XL 6854XL 6856L 6856XL
6857XL 6863XL 6865XL 6866XL
6867XL 6885XL 6886XLD 6886XL
6887XL 6890XL 6891XLD 6891XL
6940LC 6945XL 6948XL 700RL
705RL 710RL 7110X 7115XL
7115X 7120XL 7120X 7140XL
7145XL 715RL 7180XL 7183XL
720RL 7240XL 725RL 7260XL
7310XL 7315XL 7325XL 7340XL
7345XL 7350XL 7380XL 750RL
7610XL 7610X 7615X 7616X
7617X 7735X 7737X 7745X
7775X 7800XL 7810XL 7812XL
7815XL 7825XL 7845XL 7864XL
7865XL 7866XL 7866X 7867XL
7885XL 7886XL 800RX 8020X
8040X 805RX 8060X 8138XL
8140XL 8150XL 8151XL 815RX/B
815RX 8160XLCC 8160XL 8170XLCC
8170XL 8171XL 8175XL 8240XL
8250XL 8251XL 825RX 8260XLCC
8260XL 8270XLCC 8270XL 8280XL
835RX 844XL 850RX 875RX
8821XL 8825XL 8831XL 8845XL
8846XL 885RXAC 885RX 8865XL
8867XL 8880XL 8881XL 8883XL
8890XL 8891XL 8892XL 8894XL
8895XL 895RX 900RX 905RX
915RX 9160XL 9170XLCC 9170XLC
9170XL 9190XL 9195XL 935RX
945RX 950RX 955RX 965RX
968RX 975RX 985RX 995RX
AT810 AT830 AT880 AT890
AT893 HP1304 HP1308 HP1311
HP1312 HP1318 HP1319 HP1320
HP1323 HP1327D HP1327 HP1328E
HP1328S HP1328 HP1331 HP1337C
HP1337 HP1601 HP1602 HP1604
HP1605 HP1606 HP1608 HP1622
HQ7390 HQ8865 HS8040 HS8060
HS8420 PT720 PT724 PT730
PT920 Q-One QS6140 QS6160
S3560 S7370 S7720 S9311
S9321 S9531 S9721 T700
T7500 T860 T960 XA525/42