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Norelco RQ12PRO SensoTouch 3D Shaving Unit

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  Norelco RQ12PRO SensoTouch 3D Shaving Unit

  • Philips GyroFlex 3D system adjusts seamlessly to every curve- RQ12 ultratrack heads feature GyroFlex 3D contour-following heads adjust seamlessly to every curve of your face, minimizing pressure and irritation on your skin.
  • SensoTouch Shavers with patented Super Lift&Cut Action- The dual blade system built into our electric shaver lifts hairs to cut comfortably below skin level for a closer shave.
  • Aquatec seal for comfortable dry & refreshing wet shaves- The Aquatec wet & dry seal lets you choose how you prefer to shave. You can get a comfortable dry shave or a refreshing wet shave using a shaving gel or foam for extra skin comfort.

  • For models numbered:
    1050X 1050XCC 1060X 1090X 1250X 1255X 1260X 1280X 1290X

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