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Delonghi SER3018 Universal Descaler

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  Delonghi SER3018 Universal Descaler

This descaler ensures perfect coffee every time and increases the life of the machine.

  • High-quality product suitable for all coffee and espresso machines
  • 500 ml bottle
  • Material enough for 4 descaling operations

  • For models numbered:
    EAM3200 EAM3300 EAM3400 EAM3400.N EAM3500 EAM3500.N EAM3500N EAM4000 EAM4000.B EAM4400 EAM4500 ECAM22110SB ECAM23110SB ECAM23210B ECAM23210SB ECAM23450SL ECAM26455M EMK6 ESAM2000 ESAM3300 ESAM3300.S ESAM3300E ESAM3300EX ESAM3500 ESAM3500.N ESAM4400 ESAM4500 ESAM5400 ESAM5500.B ESAM5500.M ESAM5600SL ESAM6600 ESAM6620 ESAM6700

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