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Krups F472 Krups duo filter, 2 filters package

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  Krups F472 Krups duo filter, 2 filters package

The Krups 472-00 replacement Duo Filter helps to reduce chlorine and sediments from your water leaving you with clean and fresh water resulting in a better tasting coffee. Using the Krups 472-00 Duo Filters will also prolong the life of your coffee machine by reducing lime-scale build up. Each box of the Duo Filters comes with two filters and is recommended by Krups to be replaced every 2-3 months.

For models numbered:
176 180 398 458 466 467 619 625 629 EC311050/87A EC311050/87B EC312050/87A EC313050/87A EC314050/87A EC314050/87B EC321050/87A EC322050/87A EC324050/87A EC411050/87A EC412050/87A EC414050/87A EC415050/87A EC422050/87A ET351050/87A ET353050/87A ET451050/87A FME1 FME2 FME211 FME211/1P1 FME214 FME214/1P1 FME4 FME5 FMF014 FMF4 FMF5 KM4055 KM405550/5CA KM405550/5CB KM4065 KM406555/5C0 KM406555/5CA KM406555/5CB KM406555/5CO KM5055 KM5065 KM506550/5C0 KM506550/5CA KM506550/5CB KM611850 KM611850/5CA KM611D50 KM611D50/5CA KM7000 KM7005 KM700550/B70 KM700552/B70 KM8105 KM9008 KM900855/5C KM900855/6C KP1010 KT4065 KT406550/5CA KT611 KT611050/5CA KT611D50/5CA XP1500 XP1500CA/1P0 XP1500US/1P0 XP1530 XP2010 XP2070 XP224050/1P0 XP2280 XP228050/1P0 XP228050/1P1

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