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  Waring 500204 Glass Jar with Blending Assembly

For models numbered:
1197 11BL90 1208 12BL56 12BL63 31BL40 31BL41 31BL42 31BL43 31BL44 31BL46 31BL47 32BL95 33BL72 34BL14 34BL21 34BL46 34BL55 34BL56 34BL94 34BL97 35BL33 35BL34 35BL52 35BL59 35BL64 36BL12 36BL47 37BL39 39BL40 7009G 7009L 7009S 700A 7010HB 7010HG 7010HS 7011HB 7011HG 7011HS 7012BU 7012G 7012S 707SB DL202 HGB2TG4 HGB2WTG4 HGB2WTS3 HGB7WTG4 HGB7WTS3 HGBEGYG4 HGBRWTG4 HGBRWTS3 HGBTA30 HGBTWTG4 HGBTWTS3 MR-3

SALE: $78.98

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