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Norelco D350 Men's Grooming   Norelco D350 Men's Grooming

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Parts and Accessories (Norelco D350 Men's Grooming) Price Quantity
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4203-035-79230 Norelco 4203-035-79230 Cutter
No longer available
4203-035-79220 Norelco 4203-035-79220 Shaver Foil Assembly
SALE $28.18
4203-035-78420 Norelco 4203-035-78420 Adapter
SALE $50.68
4203-035-79210 Norelco 4203-035-79210 Foil Housing
SALE $20.18
4822-479-30183 Norelco 422202931341 Cleaning Brush
SALE $22.68
4203-035-79200 Norelco 4203-035-79200 Protective Cap
SALE $15.18
HQ110 Norelco HQ110 Shaving Heads Cleaning Spray (This item is no longer available. Try Remington's spray cleaner and lubricant by ordering item number SP-4BP)
No longer available
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***** by Sean, NORTHFIELD NJ on Apr 30, 2013 1 of 1 readers found this review helpful
Review: Unique
It's a great grooming shaver. Good for getting under the moustache and around all hairlines, especially if u have a goatee. Excellent job of shaping, or carving your beard Great for around the ears too, and the flip up trimmer part works great for individual hairs and nose hairs. Unfortunately, Norelco does not make this model anymore, and I know of no other product that is even close to it. Also known as the Norelco Definer. Maybe u can get one on eBay. I have had it for many years, and the foil part does wear out over time. Since it is a discontinued model, I have to assume also that spare parts, such as the foil, will become more difficult to obtain.
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